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WGSN-DB Going Solo Network

24/7 "Live" Streaming Internet

Radio, TV & Podcasts

Syndicated - Going Solo Network 

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WGSN-DB Going Solo Network

"Live" Streaming Internet Radio, TV & Podcasts

Syndicated - Going Solo Network

WGSN-DB Going Solo Network (Going Solo Network) internet radio and TV is different from most as it is built and supported by a strong International/USA Internet Single Community.  As we all know billions use the internet each and every day.  We connect on our cell, at home and yes today even in our cars! (AM/FM is the vinyl/film of yesterday).

This International/USA Internet Community connects other like-minded people coping with the devastation feelings of divorce and/or separation of relationship loss, transition into dating, dating, singles’ in business, and business development, products, services, goodreads and community involvement.

With our Pay-it-Forward Method we connect through talk shows, events and online support with discussions forming lasting and supportive friendships, these are our listeners.  This is a great International/USA Internet Community who shares their journeys, expressing emotions in an adult environment with those who understand what you’re going through.

Our main focus is for kind and supportive talk shows with conversation and discussions to support personal growth and development both individual and professional through to your new life as being single with an exciting fun twist!  Creating a great environment to get through the rough spots of divorce, relationship loss, we embrace the moment, give comfort as new friends and been “here-done-that” approach and advice in all the different stages of Life!

  • Be a loyal Listener….We thank you!

  • Be a "Featured Elite Guest" (see below)

  • Host Your Show –Weekly, Bi-Weekly and Featured

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We thank you for it is YOU which inspires us!

  • Combined with our various affiliate platforms we have 100,000+ Listeners.

  • Most listeners are men and women ages ranging from 45 to 70's and some in their 80's.

  • Our Listeners are from all walks of life.

  • Listeners in all US states.

  • International listeners from all over, here are a few... Largely from Canada, also India, Iran, Russia, Zambia, Mexico, Costa Rica, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland), Ireland, Spain, Portugal, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Belgium, Switzerland, Sweden, Norway, India, China, Vietnam, Taiwan, Philippines, Egypt, South Africa, Australia and New Zealand.


All our Guests are Special

It’s fun and easy!  To be a guest just email and share with us information about you, your business and why you want to connect with our listeners.

"Featured Elite Guest" on WGSN-DB Going Solo Network

Your show will broadcast "LIVE" on WGSN-DB Going Solo Network, Facebook & YouTube, plus you will have...


  • Awesome Featured Elite Guest Experience with knowledgeable and caring hosts who will help you share your personal story - How, What and Why.


  • International/USA internet exposure on our WGSN-DB Live Streaming Radio & TV platforms several times throughout the year.  


  • Your Elite Featured Page will showcase your photo or other pic, bio, links and podcast along with additional pertinent information you would like to be seen. This page will be featured for others to view and listen to on WGSN-DB and other Going Solo Network platforms. Your image will also be highlighted on the Home Page and various other places throughout the comprehensive WGSN-DB site.  


  • Your Elite exposure means you will be placed in our tiered internet marketing program.  Being part of our syndicated Going Solo Radio Network includes appearing on other radio networks and media broadcasting, such as Roku, YouTube, IHeart Radio and additional affiliate internet networks and platforms.


  • Social Media Connection. Elite Guests also get substantial social media exposure!  Connecting through social media makes you a part of our Going Solo International/USA Community. We will connect with you on your social media platforms, create buzz for your show and business content. This includes you in our tiered internet marketing program designed for you. Your media exposure will continue throughout the year as WGSN-DB will continue to support and share your information.


  • The "Talker" WGSN-DB Going Solo Newsletter. You’ll get a feature article in our newsletter that will showcase your photo, message and contact info. If applicable, your photo, message and contact info may also appear in our Going Solo Next and/or Date The newsletters.


  • Going Solo Directory. Your photo and info with links will be featured as a Gold Member in our Going Solo Directory for 12 months.


  • As an Elite Guest you will be among our first choice for calls whenever cancellations or additional speaking opportunities arise.

**WOW...What an Experience & Exposure!**

 "Featured Elite Guest" Tiered Internet Marketing Package... 

for small "Flat" fee of $150  

Contact Cece at (727) 248-0170 or Email: goingsolonetwork


WGSN-DB Going Solo Network

"Live" Streaming Internet Radio & TV

Syndicated - Going Solo Network

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