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Mark S. Lewis

Mark S. Lewis

Enjoy the show...

Elite Guest,  Mark S. Lewis

President at Communique LLC - Business Coach/Keynote Speaker/Author/ Mentor

Author of Give A Damn!

New Orleans, Louisiana

Give A Damn!

Description of Give A Damn...

The goal of Give a Damn is to help people develop a greater awareness of the thoughts and actions that currently and/or eventually lead people to selfish and irresponsible behaviors. It cuts across all industries, all organizations, all nationalities—everyone. My goal is for this book to guide people toward a better mindset. We can make a difference, one person at a time.  When you talk to people about this philosophy and the concepts needed by society to implement change, most everyone agrees. Few would argue against values such as accountability, responsibility, trustworthiness, caring for others, character, and generosity of spirit. However, while most would agree with these values, most peoples’ actions suggest otherwise. Actions always speak louder than words.  This book is focused on enhancing readers’ engagement in Give a Damn principles, with clear justification of why this is so important. My hope is that people understand and embrace the many themes and initiatives that are presented: to act in big and small ways to help others, to be happier and more successful, to fulfill your purpose in life, and to make Give a Damn a big part of what you do no matter what path you take. Together we can push society back in the right direction, one person at a time, until, collectively, we can make a difference. Give a Damn is the ticket to cultural change.

About Mark S. Lewis...

Born and raised in Rochester, New York, Mark S. Lewis has a very diverse background. After earning his BS degree in Finance from Boston College and an MBA in Marketing from Tulane University, he worked for IBM for 13 years before forming a New Orleans based Internet Service Provider (ISP). A true entrepreneur, he has started, supported and sold several successful business ventures and is the current owner of Communiqué LLC, a business coaching and consulting firm based in New Orleans.

During his ten year tenure as President of the Louisiana Technology Council (LTC), Mark assisted with the technology development of Louisiana. In November of 2005, he was selected by the Governor’s office as Technology Leader of the Year for the State of Louisiana. Through his leadership, Louisiana became one of the top three states in the country in technology job and wage growth. In July, 2019, EO of Louisiana presented Mark with it’s Marshall Klein Entrepreneur of the Year Award for his work in helping EO of Louisiana become the fastest growing entrepreneurial chapter in the world!

An inspiring business mentor, coach, and consultant, Mark has facilitated and moderated CEO Round tables across Louisiana and helped hundreds of CEOs and individuals accelerate their growth, both personally and professionally. He helps executives and entrepreneurs develop business and human development strategies for growth and prosperity. His winning philosophy is based on creating business strategies that engages a positive cultural environment across all functional operations so that everyone will want to join in. It all begins with a give a damn attitude.

Mark’s presentations provide powerful motivation for success in both your personal and business life. If you are ready to create a cultural environment that improves the productivity of your employees and leads to remarkable success and happiness, contact Mark today. He will engage your team with his give a damn philosophy, and you will never look back.

Mark S. Lewis

President at Communique LLC - Business Coach/Keynote Speaker/Author/ Mentor

Author of Give A Damn!

New Orleans, Louisiana