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Executive Producer - Randy Henson


The all important guy behind the shows - Executive Producer Randy Henson.


Randy is "the guy"  who allows all of those around him to shine as he works hard behind the shows doing what it takes to make it happen.  We here at WGSN-DB Going Solo Network - Internet Radio & TV are lucky to have such a great guy watching and editing our shows.  Thanks Randy!

Founder & President

Going Solo Network, Inc.

WGSN-DB Going Solo Network

24/7 "Live" Streaming Internet Radio & TV

Cece Shatz


Cece may very be the hands on/go to person here at WGSN-DB Going Solo Network, Singles' Talk Live Streaming Radio and TV Channels however, our channels are the inspiration and passion of those contributing with the Pay-it-Forward Method helping and inspiring those to heal, transition and to live their BEST Lives!



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