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Dating Next Step

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Welcome to Dating Next Step! Do you think you are ready to date but still have a feeling of what to do next? Should I or shouldn’t I?

We are the innovative transformational site with the “personal touch” as we are an online “interactive social” website connecting other like-minded individuals who are adjusting not only to their new life of being Single but with the idea that they would like someone in their life, a friend, a soulmate, a partner.

Dating Next Step was created with a culmination personal experiences, some positive and some very negative as we travel through relationship loss/divorce to the discovery of who we are as we begin to step into this new Single Life and embark on the world of “dating”. Just like you, we have lived through the various difficulties and disappointments that follow with this transition, however, what we have found is connecting with other like-minded people going through similar circumstances who understand what you are experiencing makes all the difference is the world as to how you look towards your future.

Within our site we have a carefully chosen panel of experts, coaches, mentors who are professionals that are available to help you with some of those difficult and questionable steps along your journey. As we have found the more “interactive” you are, this creates a shift in your life and positive results will occur.

Dating Next Step will connect and help you deal with those past issues such as relationship loss, divorce recovery and help you with the next step of relationship building, transition into dating, dating. You will find Dating Next Step is not just about dating however, but the experience of connection with others that will give you a feeling of inspiration, continue your path of personal growth, sparking your career and understanding your life path wants and goals.

As you begin relationship building you will enjoy Dating Next Step’s social activities designed to connect you with other like-minded individuals to make great ever-lasting friends. Together we all have fun in the growing number of social groups and gatherings both in your location and online. This and so much more is in store for you!

Dating Next Step is a true inspiring SINGLES CONNECTION! Where Singles come together and embrace their lives, unite and begin to enjoy life…the next step. Start today…start Living YOUR Best Life. Join us today…


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  • November 26, 2023


  • Cece Shatz

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