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WGSN-DB Going Solo Network, is an exciting Singles Internet Talk Show Network both 24/7 Live Radio Streaming and Internet TV. 


We embrace singles in a fun interactive and informative way.  Going Solo is not about being alone, it’s about being OKAY with where you are, understanding your core and knowing what you want in life.  Going Solo Network is about living and attracting YOUR BEST LIFE! 


Going Solo Network takes a lighthearted, candid and sometimes funny approach to discussions on...

 Journey of Divorce/Relationship Loss

 Finding YOU and Redefining Your NEW Life

 Simply Learning To Be Single and Enjoying It

 Building Relationships/Redefining Relationships

 Parenting and Children Issues

 Dating Issues - Fun, Crazy and the Unexpected

 Great NEED To Know Tips and Stuff For Singles

 Inspirational and Spiritual

 Author's with great reads

 Singles in Business, Working Singles - Products & Services

 Yes, let's not forget the topic of SEX!  




Relationships are Puzzling 
Understanding and Redefining your
Single Life!
Male Perspective of Divorce
Video - Divorce After The  Storm
By: spousegotthehouse.com 


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WGSN-DB is a Global Digital Broadcasting Network connecting Hosts, Guests and inspirational educational information worldwide!


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Fabio Inspiration!

“Be the change that you wish to see in the world.” 
― Mahatma Gandhi

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