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Going Solo with Cece & Elite Guest 

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Part 1 & 2 - Elite Guest,


Sherrill A. Ellsworth (RET)

Changing The Face of YOUR Divorce



Guest, Hon. Sherrill A Ellsworth (RET)

Partner, SmartCourt (Mediation, Arbitration,

Private Judge); Chief Community Officer, CoParenter

Greater Los Angeles Area


Guest -
Hon. Sherrill A. Ellsworth (Ret)
Part1 Honorable Judge Sherrill Elsworth - Cece Shatz
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Part 2 Honorable Judge Sherrill Elsworth - Cece Shatz
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After serving as a Bench Officer in California for almost 20 years I have moved into the private sector where I continue to settle cases ; business, family , construction defect etc . I believe individuals need to have "a say " in the process and outcome of their dispute . Partnering with attorney , mediator Kelly Bennett to create SmartCourt has been invigorating. Why ? In the private sector we can take all the time you need to settle your case ; one case at a time. Collectively , we have years of experience settling cases .I am equally comfortable in the role as Mediator as I am as Private Judge or Arbitrator. SmartCourt ( ) allows us to mediate or resolve every sort of case you can imagine without multiple Court appearances in a private , professional setting.  SmartCourt, your legal resolution starts here. 

Over the past 18 months I have been acting as a consultant for Co Parenter . One day , a few months back we all realized that because of our shared passion to make our platform ( accessible to all Courts , families ,co parents I needed to take on a more significant role . I couldn't be more excited ! When it comes to children , let's empower co parents to make decisions for their children in a way that "PUTS CHILDREN IN THE CENTER NOT THE MIDDLE." With CoParenter , we can make a real difference in families. We can change the landscape for how divorce, separation and parenting disputes are resolved .CoParenter fosters amicable resolutions outside of Court by empowering co parents to make decisions for their children.It is so exciting to work with this team and within this positive platform . CoParenter. Org


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