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Shan White

Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

Women's Divorce Prevention & Divorce Recovery Coach

Women's Peak Performance Coaching  

"Relationship Recovery" Show
Tuesday - 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST
Friday - 10 pm CST/11 pm EST
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Triumph During Transition

Triumph During Transition - Shan White
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Why Do I Do What I Do

Why Do I Do What I Do - Shan White
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Freeing Yourself From Being Frozen in Fear

Freeing Yourself From Being Frozen in Fear - Shan White
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Guest, Will Parrish

  Ten Maxims of Divorce

Guest, Will Parrish,

Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™)

Knoxville, Tennessee Area

Will Parrish , first and foremost is daddy to the Little Girls, his three daughters that have taken on a celebrity all their own. Most of his days revolve around their activities and happiness.

Guest, Will Parrish - Shan White
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Will believes that his life is given value transcendentally through his faith, and the investments he makes in others. To that end, Will's satisfaction comes primarily through helping other people. His main role, beyond husband and daddy, is to help his client family achieve their goals and dreams. He is often heard saying "If I die tomorrow, I won’t wish I had more money, a better car, a bigger house, or the largest firm. I will want more time with my little girls." Will lives this philosophy out daily and without fail.

Will specializes in Divorce Financial Planning and has personally witnessed many people go through the traumatic life change of divorce. Several years of experience taught Will strategies that can help reduce the financial trauma caused by the divorce process. This led to Will's intensive study with the Institute for Divorce Financial Analysts™ to become a Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™ (CDFA™). Will and his team can confidently help others navigate their financial future and make more informed decisions when facing divorce.