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Shan White

Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

Women's Divorce Prevention & Divorce Recovery Coach

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"Relationship Recovery" Show
Tuesday - 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST
Friday - 10 pm CST/11 pm EST
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Getting Thru The Holidays - Shan White
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Getting Thru The Holidays

Masterful Mindset During Transition - Shan White
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Masterful Mindset During Transition

Helping My Kids Through Divorce - Shan White
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Helping My Kids Through Divorce

Forgiveness - Shan White
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Coping with Your New Reality.mp3 - Shan White
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Coping with Your New Reality

Developing Self Love - Shan White
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Developing Self Love

Guest, Karen Bigman

Guest, Karen Bigman - Shan White
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  Dating In The New World

Guest, Karen Bigman,

The Divorcierge

Certified Divorce Coach

New York, NY

Karen Bigman, The Divorcierge helps women transition through the divorce process and to guide those individuals to seeing the opportunities in divorce and find ways to move forward with their lives. She works with her clients using action-oriented life coaching programs tailored to specific circumstances.

Guest, Marlene Bizub

Guest, Marlene Bizub - Shan White
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  Advice to Divorcing Parents

Guest, Marlene Bizub,

Marlene Bizub, Psy.D, earned a Doctorate degree in Forensic Psychology from Eisner Institute for Professional Studies and a Master’s Degree in Counseling and Gerontology from Wichita State University.  Dr. Marlene has over 30 years experience as a therapist, college instructor, family preservation specialist, and court evaluator, and spent nearly 20 years serving as an evaluator for the courts in family law cases before become a speaker, author, and private consultant in the area of divorce, blended families, and family law issues.  Her new book, Contentious Custody: Is It Really in the Best Interest of Your Children, has just been released.  As a certified divorce coach, Dr. Marlene and has a passion for helping people through the process in a peaceful and dignified manner.