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Dare to Be Authentic Host, Mari Mitchell and Guest, Michelle Wozniak, SOUL INCITE - Intuitive Self-Realization Life Coach shares with us her personal journey encouraging self-awareness and empowerment. Helping us to take control of our destiny and free ourselves from the obstacles keeping us from embracing our intended life path.

Michelle Woznik - Soul Incite - Mari Mitchell
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Dare to Be Authentic Host, Mari Mitchell and Guest, Coach Arduth Michael, Author, Global Success Coaching Coach and Law of Attraction Coach.  Arduth is 72 years old as she shares with us her personal journey, in times of sadness and despair to understanding the law of attraction to knowing it's never really too late to live your BEST Life.

Arduth Michael Global Success Coaching - Mari Mitchell
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Guest, Noorah Hansen, facilitates Sacred Soul Circles for women and men world-wide. In addition to being an International Retreat Leader and Communications Coach she embodies the Presence of the Ascended Masters and creates ceremonial space for individuals and couples to lovingly experience and deepen the truth of who they are and step into their Authentic Self.

Noorah Hansen Sacred Soul Circles - Mari Mitchell
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Guest, Elizabeth Kipp, Finding the light in the darkness.
Soul having a human experience, fulfilled wife, proud mother, naturalist, artist, plant and animal lover, dedicated treehugger, interpreter of Entish, botanist, plant phenologist, evolutionary biologist, agronomist, soil scientist, compost officianato, landscape designer, wood lot manager, environmentalist, environment assessor, remote sensing specialist, cartographer, rock freak, sociobiologist, wordsmith, writer, editor, blogger, empowered healer, recovering chronic pain patient, yogini, meditator, curiosity hound, Qigong practitioner, music muse, singer, percussionist, embroiderer, knot maker and untyer, founder of Elizabeth Kipp Media, LLC and co-founder Love Yourself, LLC, Daily Lover, chocolate connoisseur, boho princess

Elizabeth Kipp - Mari Mitchell
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Guest, Ilene Gottlieb, Heart Healer and Your Guide To Conscious Heart Connection, my passion and my service is facilitating conscious heart connections as the basis for all healing.

Ilene Gottlieb - Mari Mitchell
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