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Madam Coach Perea -

Aligning Your Love Secrets

Madam Coach Perea shares with us how to align your heart, soul and mind for the connection of a lifetime.  What is your soul asking for?  Let's start connecting with your Love Secrets!

Aligning Your Love Secrets - Madam Coach Perea
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Guest, Jerry Wayne Barnett, and Numerologist of Houston, TX shares with Madam Coach Perea his past and where God revealed his aligned divine power to the number ‘8’.  This realization would later be known to lead his future into the prelude of a spiritual awakening. 

Guest, Jerry Wayne Barnett - Madam Coach Perea
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Guest, Cardessa Kerr, served in the U.S. Military, earned a Master's degree, and worked in Multinational, Fortune 500 Corporations and now Seeker of the Seeker Institute. 


She began her quest for self-knowledge and success and had the rare privilege to study under the Last Founding Father of the Personal Development Industry, Bob Proctor."

Madam Coach Perea and Cardessa chat about helping others tune in to the principles of success and Universal Law. Cardessa is a natural teacher and guide for those seeking self-knowledge, purpose & prosperity.


Guest, Cardessa Kerr - Madam Coach Perea
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