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Get Back Up!

Elite Guest, George A. Santino

Author, Speaker, Singer, Lyricist

Mount Vernon, Washington


George A. Santino, has been a fast food restaurant manager, life insurance salesman, Realtor, sports bar owner, liquor salesman, shoe repair owner, real estate investor, software tester, software engineering manager, and Microsoft partner. Santino's life has been filled with many ups and downs. At one point, he injured his back so badly it required three operations and led to an eventual diagnosis of Failed Back Syndrome and he was told he would never work again. This was one of the many times Santino was knocked down but he always got back up, eventually landing a job at Microsoft—after being turned down four times—as an entry level lab engineer and retiring twenty years later from his position as Partner Engineering Manager. Since his retirement, Santino has embarked on a new career as a professional speaker, mentor to tech managers, and author. When he isn't writing, or speaking, he is singing or composing the lyrics to his next song. He has released three CDs, all of which spent some time at the top of the Amazon Hot New Releases list. His first book, Get Back Up: From the Streets to Microsoft Suites is available now.

George A. Santino

Get Back Up

An Inspiring and Often Humorous Rags-to-Riches Story

With rare humor and the instincts of a born storyteller, George A. Santino describes his rise from rags to riches through a series of adventures that begin in Philadelphia's violent Tasker Street projects where he dodges his alcoholic father's fits of temper, fishes for rats, and sells tomatoes from the back of a truck. His escapades continue as he opens a sports bar with no walls in North Tampa, curses out a drill sergeant in Fort Jackson, and battles a hiring manager to get a job in Menlo Park that he fully intends to turn down.

Santino's adventures culminate when he enjoys a long, successful career with Microsoft, builds a family, loses (and regains) a small fortune along the way, and triumphs over a freak spinal injury that doctors predicted would prevent him from ever working again before his thirtieth birthday. Throughout, Santino shares his perspectives on business and mentorship and stresses, by example, his central lesson: No matter what life throws at you, get back up.

George A. Santino - The Entertainer 
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