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Wrongfully Accused of Domestic Violence/Abuse?


Elite Guest, Dean Tong,

Author, Forensic Consultant and Expert Witness

Brandon, FL


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Dean Tong - Host, Cece Shatz
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Dean Tong,  is an internationally noted author, forensic consultant, and expert witness, concentrating in the areas of divorce, child custody, abuse accusations, albeit, sexual or physical child abuse, domestic violence, et al, Parental Alienation, and Sexual Allegations In Divorce (SAID).


Mr. Tong has tendered testimony as an expert witness in cognitive child developmental psychology and best practice forensic child interview methods, as well as the handling/mis-handling of protective investigations by CPS and the Police et al.


He has consulted on protracted divorce, custody and abuse-related cases since 1995 and has been involved in the field of child sexual abuse accusations since 1984. Tong has been retained as a trial consultant or expert in court cases from all 50 states by parents and/or attorneys, and has worked with the Florida Legislature impacting the passage of 3 laws – the Spanking Bill; the Malicious False Child Abuse Statute (F.S. Ch. 39. 205(9)) and the repeal of the Florida Child Abuse Registry.


Dean Tong, in addition to his work involving legal cases in family, juvenile, criminal, administrative appeals and state appellate courts, has testified as an expert witness in a criminal case pre-trial “taint hearing.”


Mr. Tong, a former licensed laboratory medical technologist and hematology specialist in hospitals and reference labs in facilities in Massachusetts, Florida and Georgia, worked in the medical field from 1976 – 2001. Dean Tong was admitted to Medical School in 1983 at the University of St. Lucia in the West Indies

Dean Tong’s PDF Paper Fatherhood Crisis: A Time of Nightmare, Daylight and Redemption

604 Brentwood Place
Brandon, Florida 33511
813.657.4930, Ph/Fax
813.417.5362, Cell


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