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Elite Guest, Cherie Morris, JD

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Cherie Morris - Cece Shatz, Relationship Mentor
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Cherie Morris, JD and Vicki Vollweiler, MBA are both Certified Divorce Coaches who help you face divorce successfully with financial, emotional and parenting supports that work for you.  They are the “Uncoupling Experts!”

Cherie and Vicki provide coaching along with practical and emotional support that is needed during both the contemplation of as well as during separation and divorce. The strategies, techniques, information and exercises you learn will help you move forward with a positive attitude and renewed confidence!

Dear Divorce Coach believes it is important for you to understand and analyze each decision in divorce rationally and with empathy in order to move forward with dignity and a plan for your future.

Both Cherie and Vicki had long-term marriages, with children, which ended in divorce. They understand that divorce is not an ordinary business transaction but also a difficult emotional transition for the adults and children. Dear Divorce Coach will prepare you to take steps to move forward for yourself and your children, including effective co-parenting and communication strategies with an ex.

You can reach both Cherie and Vicki from Dear Divorce Coach at Coach@DearDivorceCoach.com and can visit their site at www.DearDivorceCoach.com


(301) 928-4695