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Sonny Fox - Bruce Starr
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Host, Bruce Starr chats with Sonny Fox,  an American television host, executive and broadcasting consultant, who was the fourth full-time host of the children's television program, Wonderama.

This amazing interview shares Sonny's life as Prisoner of War, his college days and what a wonderful "nice" guy Sonny truly is.  

*The interview was a previous broadcast from 2013

Guest, Sonny Fox

Murray Langston - Bruce Starr
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Guest, Murray Langston

Murray Langston most recently reappeared as "The Unknown Comic" in the film Confessions of a Dangerous Mind (2002). He wrote, directed and performed in Dirty Jokes: The Movie and inspired by the hit stage show The Vagina Monologues he created and performed "one man's response" to the show, which he called The Weenie Man-o-logs.

Guest, Victoria Babun of Cupid Dates

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Victoria Babun of Cupid Dates - Bruce Starr
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