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Elite Guest Vicki Vollweiler on the Financial Wellness Show with Host, Hirsch Serman

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Elite Guest, Vicki Vollweiler, MBA, CDC & Founder of 

College Financial Prep

Part 1

Part 2

A Bit about Vicki Vollweiler, MBA & CDC...

Vicki Vollweiler is the Founder of College Financial Prep. With her MBA and divorce coach training, she helps families maximize savings on the cost of college. Services offered include:

* Merit and Need Based Scholarship Searches
* Financial Aid Form Preparation (FAFSA, CSS Profile, state forms)
* Appeals
* Student Loan guidance
* Extenuating circumstances such as divorce and job loss

It all started with my own personal story. I was a Divorce Coach who helped people attain goals, specifically with regards to their personal finances. As clients started to ask me how they were going to afford the cost of college, my own son was approaching high school and I certainly wanted the best for my son!

As a divorced mom, I knew that I wanted to spend the least amount of money necessary to ensure, both, his success and happiness while allowing me to maintain my bank account and not go into debt. I know that we all want the absolute best for our children, especially, when preparing for college. The key is to be informed, strategic and detail oriented so that you can maximize savings on the cost of college. If you're unsure how to proceed, don't potentially lose thousands and thousands of dollars. College Financial Prep was created to guide families through the maze of college financial aid.

Elite Guest, Vicki Vollweiler, MBA, CDC & 
Founder of College Financial Prep

Call:  516-225-5224




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