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Founder and CEO of The Life Coaching Institute  & The Executive Matchmaker

Host of Ultimate Compatibility Show

Ben has owned and operated several companies – from a start up; Major Maintenance that he grew from one employee to 117 people in 18 months to his largest business having over 1,400 employees; Millard Maintenance Service Co.   When he worked for New York Life he was the first agent (with no prior insurance experience) to earn the company’s highest sales award faster than anyone else in its 150 year history.


He has also raised high six figure dollars for worthy causes that annually help thousands of young people. He has served on the Board of Directors of three non–profit organizations; Cherish the Children Foundation, The Community Learning Center and Young Men’s Jewish Council.



In the last ten years he has been a speaker and consultant in the areas of business and family. Among his most cherished accomplishments are having a large family with his wife Judy (of 39 years) consisting of seven children, five daughters-in-law, one son–in–law, and twelve grandchildren. He’s very proud of the fact that all of his children lead very productive lives and are all contributing in different ways toward making the world a better place to live.


As a result of the above experience and being a post graduate student “in the philosophy of life,” he has written a screen play called “The Moment,” compiled and edited 3 derivative books: “The Natural Laws of Parenting,” “Parenting Essentials,” and “How to Handle Difficult Situations with your Child.”  He has also, co-authored a booklet entitled “50 Ways to Get & Keep the Job You Want – Guaranteed!” that is geared for young adults.


Ben has devoted a good part of his life to the study of why relationships fail.  He feels that he has cracked the code of this problem.


Follow him and his teachings on the topics of sex, marriage & the rearing of children.  Significantly increasing the odds of finding the right person.


Existing Relationships... Ben Kugler will show you how just one person in a relationship can greatly improve the odds of that relationship being successful.  Don't miss a show!



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