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Live TV Show Hosts

Janice Wood

Senior Citizens Forum

A Senior Citizens Forum is an informative show for senior citizens hosted by Janice Wood going over subjects that my interest seniors but might be a confusing. Here on A Senior Citizens Forum, we cover a wide range of subject such as Final expense, Retirement, Health and Wellness and so much more. Each week we invite a guest who is the expert in their field to break things down to help make things a little easier to understand. We strive to educate Senior Citizens in a fun, easy to follow show. We hope you enjoy our show!

Elana Feldman

Your Health Vibes with Elana

Elana’s journey is to raise your heart, body and soul vibes to the next level so you can transform your life today!

Cece Shatz

Going Solo with Cece

Cece Shatz is the “Doyenne” of Relationship Loss, Divorce, Transition into Dating, Dating, Single Parent’s Support and Singles learning to live their BEST lives.

Davida Smith

Living On Purpose Ministries, LLC.

Prophetess Davida Smith is the founder and CEO of Living On Purpose Ministries, LLC., and is a respected Evangelist, and speaker with a strong prophetic anointing.

Barry Selby

Let's Talk Dating

Barry brings deep compassion, gentle masculine strength & presence, and wise guidance to assist his clients in their journey to true love.

Mallory McGary

Mindset Bloomcast with Mallory

Mallory focuses on changing the mindset of Mama Guilt to Mama Empowerment. She encourages mamas to show up EXACTLY as they are, discover their passions, and experience freedom, happiness, and more fulfillment in being the woman that they want to be. Mamas will no longer feel the guilt of choosing to take care of themselves.

Paul Holbert

Going Solo Veterans Corner

Paul Holbert, is a twenty-one-year retired army veteran

Martha Davis Alexander

Courageously You with Martha

Martha's coaching style is supportive, intuitive, creative and strategic. I celebrate with you when you realize the answers.

Pastor, Chuck Brookey

Greater Grace Church Clearwater, FL

Greater Grace Church of Clearwater, Florida is a Church with a hometown feel.

Hirsch Serman

Financial Wellness Hour

Hirsch Serman, MBA, CPA, will share tips, money savings advice and need to know financial information as we move forward in today's world.

Jason S. Weiss, Esq

Ask Jason Weiss Show

Ask Jason S. Weiss, Attorney & Coach takes a lighthearted and candid approach to discussions on the journey of legal court system, legal situations, what to do and more importantly what not to do. Help those is difficult situations giving understanding and ASK away!

Christine Baumgartner

Let's Talk Dating

Dating & Relationship Coaches chat and share an array of need to know information about relationship building, dating & relationships in general.

Dr. Christopher Salute

The Barber Shop

Dr. Christopher Salute, MBA, PhD, Relationship Coach will have you wanting to go to the "The Barber Shop as together you will share, laugh and touch your soul as the conversation is highlighted at The Barber Shop.

Rosalind Sedacca

Divorce, Dating & Relationship Expert

Graham Williamson

International Intuitive, Evidential Medium, Psychic

Graham Williamson, International Intuitive, Evidential Medium, Psychic has assisted many people, along with connecting others with their loved ones who have passed over.

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