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Revising Mrs. Robinson

Guest, Suzanna Mathews

The Date Maven

Dating Coach & Matchmaker. Author. Speaker. Connector. Cultural Enthusiast. Social Science Enthusiast


Suzanna Mathews - Cece Shatz
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Suzanna Mathews, Author of "Revising Mrs. Robinson," a book that explores intergenerational dating between older women and younger men. Empowering, informative, and entertaining, it's my hope that RMR will carry the conversation forward about the wants and needs of single, middle-aged women and will make a statement about the need to be aware of sexism, ageism, and limiting beliefs within oneself and within society.
In my role as a dating coach & matchmaker I bring a blend of business/marketing strategies and personal development tools to my clients' quest for a relationship, helping them to develop their personal brand and attract a wonderful relationship partner. We cover everything from boosting confidence to flirting skills as well as how to create more effective online dating profiles, and developing "best practices" for better dating -- as well as strategies for developing intimacy and managing the challenges of the early-stages of relationships.