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with Tori & Brady

Happy Holidays - Tori & Brady
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Helping YOU thru the Holidays

Singles Coping with Holidays

Getting through the holidays can be hard when you are Going Solo, WOW, we get it and we are here for you.  So join our hosts and they share their experiences, tips and some heartfelt advice for Singles as to how to cope with and get thru the Holiday.
Host -
Lisa Copeland 

Lisa Copeland

  Beachwood, Ohio

Monday - 8 pm CST/9 pm EST
Thursday - 9 pm CST/10 pm EST

Author, Speaker and Dating Expert

You Can Find Love After 50 Show

5 Ways to Overcome Loneliness During The Holidays

5 Ways to Overcome Loneliness During The Holidays - Lisa Copeland
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Host -
Shan White 

Shan White

 Colorado Springs, Colorado Area

Tuesday- 8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST
Friday - 9:30 pm CST/10:30 pm EST

Women's Divorce Prevention & Divorce Recovery Coach

Women's Peak Performance Coaching


Relationship "Recovery" Show

Getting Thru The Holidays

Getting Thru The Holidays - Shan White
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Host -
Davida Smith 

Davida Smith

 Newport News, Virginia

Tuesday- 7 pm CST/8 pm EST
Friday - 8 pm CST/9 pm EST

Certified Trainer, Coach Speaker and Founder/CEO of Living On Purpose Ministries, LLC.

Living On Purpose Ministries

 Jesus Is The Reason for This Season and His Divine Favor

Jesus Is The Reason for This Season and His Divine Favor - Davida Smith
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Host -
Ian White

Ian White

 Ontario, Canada "International Host"

Monday -  8:30 pm CST/9:30 pm EST
Wednesday - 7 pm CST/8 pm EST


 Life Fulfillment Coach



Fear and Why It’s Here

Fear and Why It’s Here - Ian White
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Rosalind Sedacca,

 West Palm Beach, FL

Tuesday- 7 pm CST/8 pm EST
Friday - 8 pm CST/9 pm EST


Child-Centered Divorce and 

Dating In Midlife Mentor

Divorce, Dating & Empowered Living 


Overcome Your Limits-

Gifts Within Ourselves

Host -
Amy Sherman & Rosalind Sedacca


Mathematician , Entrepreneur and  Motivational Speaker

College Park, MD

Christopher E Powell - Rosalind Sedacca
00:00 / 00:00

Gale Fay Vickers,

 Cypress, TX

Monday - NOON
Wednesday - 7:30 pm CST/8:30 pm EST


Certified John Maxwell Speaker,

Coach and Master Teacher

Everything Entrepreneur Show


After the Holiday Moving Forward

Host -
Gale Fay Vickers
After the Holiday Moving Forward - Gay Fay Vickers
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