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Guest - Shan White
Shan White, Certified Divorce Coach
Colorado Springs, Colorado
    Topic - Redefining Your Life

Shan specializes in helping women thrive after divorce, as opposed to merely surviving.


She is a certified life coach from the official Tony Robbins School:  Robbins-Madanes Coaching Training.  As a result, she is trained to get results that are quicker and more sustainable through the advanced techniques of strategic intervention.


Recovering from divorce is like being “Humpty Dumpty” and having to put all the pieces of your life back together again.  The pieces include can be emotional, spiritual, physical, financial, educational, geographical, professional and more.  Our lives feel shattered, and we need someone to help put the pieces back together again.


Shan is an expert in providing guidance, support, and direction. She does this by designing customized tools, techniques, and strategies to help ease the difficult challenge of change and uncertainty.

Guest, Shan White Redefining Your Life - Cece Shatz
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Guest, Rosalind Sedacca,


CCT, Divorce & Parenting Coach / Dating & Relationship Coach / Copywriting - West Palm Beach, FL 


Too many parents struggle with co-parenting successfully after divorce. Rosalind as founder of the Child-Centered Divorce Network chats and shares with us successful steps to move forward helping our children along the way.


Guest, Rosalind Sedacca, CCT - Host, Cece Shatz
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