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The Care Package Show
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Hosts, Roulette Delgato, Rapper, Model, Songwriter and Entertainment Entrepreneur

“Delivering the hope, inspiration, laughs, and most importantly the love.”


Show basis & information...

The Care Package will be based around positivity and love. A weekly escape for people who struggle with insecurities, self love, depression, and lack of motivation. 



Word of the week - The Care Package will seek out a powerful word each week that anyone who is struggling can relate to in the hopes that it will inspire them to work towards a solution. 


• Love advice  The Care Package will share been-there-done-that relationship advice for men and women.   Embracing at times a fun Q&A based around love and current relationships,  giving advice to folks who comment and email questions.  


Celebrity News & Updates - The Care Package will focus on the positive happening in the entertainment world.   We will cover many important subjects,  like, black excellence (African American celebrities and the positive happenings in the community and industry), LGBTQ excellence, and any other celebs who are displaying humanitarianism.

• Influencer Spotlight/Interview - The Care Package will interview those who  are doing positive within the community, outstanding individuals who strive to contribute and change lives.  Those who are creating a shift and influencing others with positive energy.

  • Facebook
  • YouTube - Roulette Delgato
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ASK Roulette Delgato -  Be sure to send an email to  Roulette with any questions and comments  He will answer on one of his great shows.  Just click the button....
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