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Nick Meima, Divorce Coach

Nick Meima

Enjoy the show!

How Are You Adjusting To The Ending Of A Love Relationship?

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Elite Guest,  Nick Meima

Divorce Coach

 Founder of After Divorce Support

Denver, Colorado

Letting Go Of Your Past 

Nick has an extensive academic training in Psychology, Counseling, Facilitation in working with individuals and couples.

Over the last 10 years he has developed an expertise in working with individuals and couples as they navigate the emotional and practical challenges of Relationship Ending or "Bending" (meaning redefinition of the relationship).  And then to move more deeply in to  the Rebuilding process which includes being single , developing strong healthy friendships, and entering in to the "world" of dating.

Dealing with children at all the different phases of the process (including how/when/what to tell the children about each step) is woven in the fabric of the teaching and coaching work. 

Specifically Nick does the following:

-Facilitates a 10 week Rebuilding Program to support individuals contemplating divorce, in the divorcing process, and those struggling post divorce (Live classes online,  as well as prerecorded classes that individuals can download and stream on their own).

-Couples coaching

-Individual coaching

-Work with higher level professionals (CEO's, COO's, CFO's, Judges, Attorneys, Physicians) -professionals who have highly responsible 

professional roles and cannot afford a lot of "down time" related to relationship ending, and often need to keep private the fact that they are dealing with a relationship ending.


All his work oriented to providing tools, perspectives, information and support ;so each person he works with can create a wonderful life.

Nick Meima

Dating Coach

 Founder of After Divorce Support Dating

4101 E. Louisiana St. Suite #500
Denver, CO 80246

Phone: 720-524-3664


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