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Mari Mitchell - Dare to be Authentic

Podcasts -  2020

Dare to Be Authentic Host, Mari Mitchell and Guest, Kim Kirmmsey Toth of Positive Aging, Inc.  discuss Leveraging Your Expertise & Experience.


Kim, helps women, especially Boomer women, become successful online entrepreneurs and forge lucrative and fulfilling lives in heart centered businesses.

Guest, Kim Kirmmsey Toth

Kim Kirmmsey Toth - Mari Mitchell
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Mari Mitchell, Host of Dare to Be Authentic and Guest Lori Cooper talk about "Divorce". Even reading or hearing the word brings on feelings of anxiety, fear and discomfort. Join Mari and her guest Lori Cooper a Certified Professional Coach who mentors women during major transitions, especially divorce. We will be talking about how it's possible to find peace, freedom and serenity even in the midst of divorce,  how important self-care and nurturing is, and how discovering and being your authentic self can open up a new happy, fulfilled life for you.

Guest, Lori Cooper

Lori Cooper - Mari Mitchell
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