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Mari Mitchell

San Clemente, California

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Host of  - "Dare to be Authentic Radio"
* WGSN-DB Live Streaming Radio

Mari Mitchell is an Intuitive Coach, Spiritual Mentor, Author, Award winning Radio Show Host and Speaker.


She's founder of Dare to be Authentic ™and Dare to be Happy™ She helps people tap into the majesty that is inside of them to create the life they desire.



Mari has been instrumental in helping me achieve a very important goal, which was to help me recognize the gifts already in my possession. Mari was amazing in helping me gain new skills to deal with periods of fear, anxiety and self-doubt. I am now riding a high vibration wave that has helped me to muster the courage to devote my focus and time to growing my business. Most of all, I have attained the peace and serenity that had been lost from me. I highly recommend her services as Life Coach. Thank you Mari!
Caridad Bergnes

Mari, I am so grateful to you. It was so refreshing, so natural and calm to be with you and so useful for sure because, even when you didn't almost saying more than few (straight, precise) questions, I found what I was looking for that type of Life Coaching. I made also some clicks! Even when I met Doctors in Personal Therapy (hey, I'm not crazy, just looking for my own answers, hahaha) I felt going nowhere in a maze. You did cut straight through that! Even your fees are very affordable, down to earth. I love the homework too!


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