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Love Guru Uma, Relationship Expert

Love Guru Uma

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 November 14th @ 1 pm ET 

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Elite Guest,  "Love Guru Uma"

Speaker, Teacher, Musician, Author of "Love is Crazy - Lessons in Love 

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii

6 Ways To Be Happy Now

Love is Crazy - Lessons In Love
Love is Crazy-Satisfying
Oprah guest and the Secret book and movie contributor,
Rev. Michael Bernard Beckwith

Love Guru Uma had been a seeker of love for almost 30 years when she decided to take actionable steps to improve her love life through Afformations (from Noah St. John's book of the same name), vision boarding, & focusing on a list of qualities and living those herself. She moved where spirit led and ended up in Hawaii. After 3 short months there, she met her now soulmate husband; they play music together and live a happy life daily. 

Uma has survived a polygamous spiritual teacher, who didn’t live very spiritually himself, bore him two sons, whom she raised solo, then shared his last week in the hospital as he suffered from cancer and the aftermath of dialysis for 14 years. Uma’s a survivor with stories to share while traveling from Arizona, to Bali, California, China, India and the Philippines.

To date, she enjoys six jobs, which keep her from getting bored. Her passion is helping people uncover their blocks to happiness, finding what they love to do and assisting them in doing it!

Uma's 2 things these days are playing ukulele at weddings on the beach in Hawaii and singing harmonies while her husband plays bass or guitar and she plays the ukulele!

Love is Crazy - Lessons in Love: Creating Your own Happy Ever After

Uma self-published this adventure romance and self-help book, chronicling an unbelievable journey from Sedona to Seattle and Los Angeles and back again as she dealt with her fiance with Parkinson's, encountered his wild teenage daughter & a pathological liar. She chased down a mugger and survived Sexaholics Anonymous and powerful self-help groups.


Also includes real-life experiences as an extra in Three Kings with George Clooney, Mark Wahlberg and Ice Cube.  Love Guru Uma shares ways she enjoys life daily with humor, entertaining herself and most of those around her, plus gives tips to live happily ever after right now.

Elite Guest,  "Love Guru Uma"

Speaker, Teacher, Musician, Author of "Love is Crazy - Lessons in Love 

Kailua-Kona, Hawaii


Email:  umaojeda9@gmail.com

Website:  https://umaojeda.weebly.com/