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Helping Dating Singles


Elite Guest, Kimberly McGowan,


Professional Matchmaker and Relationship Coach

Milwaukee, WI


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Kimberly McGowan Professional.Singles - Cece Shatz
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Kimberly McGowan,  is a Professional Matchmaker and a Relationship Coach understanding it is all about connecting and developing like-minded couples in which to bond in relationships.


She is a mother of two daughters and has been in "love" married for 17 years. Kimberly has taken her knowledge of successful relationships and has applied this to many singles seeking the same loving experience.   Her belief is that everyone has a soulmate and her purpose is to make connections for as many singles as possible.


Kimberly has developed an Online Dating site called Profession.Singles and also hosts social dating events and provides personalized matchmaking services.

Kimberly McGowan



Call:  (888) 511-5725

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