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Kim M. Green, Certified Somatic Trauma T

Kim M. Green

Enjoy the show!

Elite Guest,  Kim M. Green,

Certified Somatic Trauma Therapist , National Speaker,  Educator, Author & Grassroots Influencer

Colorado Springs, Colorado

Rebound Dating And The Hazards Of Rebound Relationships

Kim M. Green, Certified Somatic Trauma Therapist ~ is a much sought-after national speaker, educator, author & grassroots influencer. Kim is a lifestyle humorist in all she touches.


Kim has hosted & produced her own FM Radio show in Colorado Springs interviewing wellness & inspirational guests such as Manu Raval Gi who was one of Ghandi’s right hand men to Edward R Murrow Award Winners.


She has been on Cumulus Radio & was a two-year incognito frequent on Denver AM Talk Radio naming names & calling out corruption in politics. She has a lifetime of learning with formal academic education in Holistic Practices, Advanced Bodywork, Japanese/Chinese Medicine, Anthropology, World Medical Practices & familial/lineage training.  Her most impactful way of learning was through familial/lineage.  This wisdom comes from elders across the world who have entrusted their knowledge to her. Kim’s newest project is called The Wellness Way (R)Evolution: a comprehensive program to educate “All People” on holistic practices that are being lost and how to be safe doing it. Since 1992, Kim has worked with clients from all walks of life in her private practice: from housewives to homeless, Colonel’s/Fortune 500 CEO’s to foster children and she has helped 1000's grieve through the loss of divorce and death. 


As a pioneer, Kim started the first somatic trauma therapy program in the nation in 1994, facilitating forgiveness/healing with victims of violent crime, mass shootings & offenders and has written an ebook called "When Surrender Happens: Miracles Appear" surrounding those experiences. Because of her fiery passion and drive, in 2000 she founded CCHF, which helped legalize holistic practices in Colorado, New Mexico & Oklahoma.


Her constant presence has been instrumental in helping mainstream holistic practices in homes across the nation as well as police departments, the military, nonprofits & any other group that would step forward with curiosity and even with ridicule. Her subject matter is at times hard to hear and controversial, but she brings levity to her topics which both inspires and excites. She challenges everyone with humor to step into their greatness, think critically about solutions and help others. Sometimes the right thing isn’t always the easiest.

Kim M. Green, along with her daughter Sara owns & operates a Secondary Learning Institution, Advanced Therapy Institute of Touch where she enjoys teaching all she knows to the prodigies that will continue her work.

Kim M. Green,

Certified Somatic Trauma Therapist , National Speaker,  Educator, Author & Grassroots Influencer

Colorado Springs, Colorado


Phone: 719-231-5715


When Surrender Happens:  Miracles Appear & The Wellness Way (R)Evolution

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