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Karen McMahon

Divorce Coach & Founder of  Journey Beyond Divorce

Elite Guest, Karen McMahon

Certified Relationship & Divorce Coach

Founder of

Journey Beyond Divorce 

Oceanside, New York 

“12 Step Divorce Recovery” 

Karen McMahon has developed a Signature 12 Step Divorce Recovery Series has a deep focus on "Emotional Energy" a model of support that empowers ongoing mastery of any difficult situation.

Karen is the Owner of Journey Beyond Divorce, specializing in Relationship and Divorce Coaching. Karen and her team of dedicated coaches serve the needs of men and women navigating the myriad of difficulties involved in the divorce process. After surviving a long and tumultuous divorce, Karen has thrived in her new life and has turned her pain into her purpose, dedicated to assisting others through the often painful and frustrating divorce process. Visit our website and emerge from divorce renewed and empowered! 

Karen is a graduate of IPEC, the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching, and hold a PCC (Professional Certified Coach) status with ICF, the International Coaching Federation. IPEC's rigorous program has enabled Karen to help her clients get to the core of their struggles and empowered them to redesign and live their lives with renewed excitement and fulfillment.

As an Energy Leadership Index Master Practitioner (ELI-MP), Karen administers Energy Leadership Assessment that enables her clients to see exactly how their perspectives are impacting the way they maneuver through their life circumstances and how with this tool they can raise their level of energy to a place of forgiveness, acceptance, peace and ultimately joy by working with this tool and dramatically changing their lives forever.

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Regain Your Power

Every aspect of  life is impacted during divorce. Hurtful words and threats are  hand grenades thoughtlessly tossed about. Hearts and homes are torn apart. 

It takes one, not two to begin to tone down the hostilities. Discover how to start to BE THE ONE to change the dynamic, preserve precious emotional and financial resources, and emerge from divorce stronger, clearer and more effective.

Karen McMahon

Certified Relationship & Divorce Coach

Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce



Website - Journey Beyond Divorce 

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