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Elite Guest & Going Solo with Cece


Men in Divorce

Elite Guest, John G. DeGirolamo, Esq. 

In Law We Trust, P.A. 

Family Law Attorney for Men

Florida Divorce Attorney for Men


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John G. DeGirolamo, Esq. 
A Plea for Mercy 
The Anatomy of the Federal Plea

John DeGirolamo, Esq. represents Husbands and Fathers in Florida family law proceedings.


In 2013, he was nominated and selected to join the elite National Trial Lawyers of America, and have been recognized for the fifth year in a row as a top 40 under 40 trial lawyer for all of Florida.


When Husbands and Fathers go through a Florida family law proceeding, it’s incredibly difficult to gain equal footing with the way the laws of this State favor wives and mothers. It is just as difficult to find an attorney with the qualifications, experience, and aggressiveness to strongly litigate cases in the family court.


Husbands and Fathers in Florida are the underdog. Husbands and Fathers come to me terrified with thoughts of losing timesharing with their children and having to make financial child support payments. Husbands and Fathers need a lawyer that understands what they are up against in Florida, which is known as a “mother state.”


He is able to solve issues experienced by Husbands and Fathers because his practice is 100% dedicated to Husbands and Fathers. This means I can provide all the available case options and suggest the strategies that will earn Husbands and Fathers the equal results they deserve.


Since he was a kid, he was put into positions that he didn’t ask for — positions that forced him to stand up for himself and take on the larger foe. Today, he pursue the rights of Husbands and Fathers in the “mother state” of Florida with the same fierce determination that he learned early on in life. It is his heartfelt passion.


John's clients say that after he represented them, they walked away feeling like WE just won the fight of THEIR life. 
The Family Law Attorney for Men  
(813) 415-3510

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