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Going Solo with Cece Shatz
  ​Host, Cece Shatz, Author, Divorce/Dating Relationship Mentor
Live on FB Thursday
6 pm CST/7 pm EST

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Cece Shatz
GoingSoloNetwork.com Journey - Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships
Elite Guest, Steve Snyder
Steve Snyder
Past President: 306th Bomb Group Historical Association Speaker and Author of:
SHOT DOWN: The true story of pilot Howard Snyder and the crew of the B-17 Susan Ruth from Seal Beach, CA
Sara Zeff Geber, PhD
Sara Zeff Geber, PhD
Certified Retirement Coach, and Professional Speaker & Author of
Essential Retirement Planning for Solo Agers
Dr Anita M. Jackson
Dr. Anita M. Jackson, Author, TV/Radio Host , Sr. Executive, Director & Producer, Publisher, Feminine Success Coach and Business Consultant
Renee Piane
The Love Designer
Dating & Relationship Expert
Marta J. Papa, J.D.
Inspirational & Professional Speaker and Author of
Bumping Down The Highways
Happy Trails, USA
Jenni Raney Edwards
Inspirational & Professional Speaker and Author of
Bumping Down The Highways
Happy Trails, USA
Deborah Matthew MD
Medical Director,
Signature Wellness,
Author of This is Not Normal - A Busy Woman's Guide to symptoms of Hormone Imbalance
Robert White
Robert White, Owner & CEO

Dolphin Entertainment Company Inc. - Editor-in-Chief at Savoir Faire - Talent Manager at FIN Talent Agency
New York, USA
Meg Foltz
Humankind Beverage, LLC
"Live" Broadcast on Going Solo with Cece - Thursday, February 20th
Peggy Caruso
Executive/Personal Dev. Coach, Author, Entrepreneur
Du Bois, Pennsylvania
​​Take The First Shot...Strategies to Fire You Up & Change Your Life
Dr. Phinehas Kinuthia
Author, Motivational Speaker and Transformational Coach & CEO of Dreaming To Becoming, LLC
Robin Gorman Newman
Robin Gorman Newman, Author of How to Meet a Mensch in NY & How to Marry A Mensch
Jasmin Shojai, Playboy Super Model
'Australia's Top Glamour Model 17' & '18
Playboy Cover Model & Playmate
Victoria McCooey
Divorce Transformational Coach
Sarah Ford Walston
Courage Expert, Life Coach & Author
Rosalind Sedaccca
Divorce, Dating & Relationship Coach
Coach Judy
Coach Judy Romanoff, Single Parenting Divorce Coach
Holiday Going Solo with Cece
Going Solo Through the Holiday
Mark S. Lewis
Mark S. Lewis, Author of Give A Damn!
Pres., Communique LLC Business Coach/Keynote Speaker/Mentor
Wayne Van Der Wal
Wayne Van Der Wal
Author of The Gospel of Santa Claus -
Inspired by the True Story of Saint Nicholas
Dr Carla Manly
Dr. Carla Marie Manly - Healing From Trauma, Anxiety, and Core Self-Esteem
Joyce Schafers
Joyce Schafers - Ending Your Pattern of Failed Relationships
Nancy Fulton
Nancy Fulton - Creative Business - The 2nd Life
Carol Pilkington, Spiritual Advisor
Carol Pilkington, Spiritual Advisor
Nadene Joy
Executive and Development Consultant, Author, Public Speaker, Educator, Relationship Expert and Life, Parenting and Business Coach
Saskatchewan, Canada
Rita S. Wilkins
Rita S. Wilkins IIDA, IDS, IFDA, Lifestyle Design Expert • Boomer Subject Matter Expert • Interior Designer • Speaker • Author • Blogger • TEDx Speaker
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Regina Raymond - Cecily's Hope
Regina Raymond - Cecily's Hope: A Story of Faith, Hope, and a Courageous Cancer Battle
WGSN-DB Author's Corner/Meet The Author
Janet McKee, Success Coach
Janet McKee, Success Coach
WGSN-DB Business Showcase
Nick Meima, Divorce Coach
Nick Meima, Divorce Coach - Founder of After Divorce Support
Linnea Molander
Linnea Molander
Deanna Coyle
Deanna Coyle
Founder of Vesta: Redefining Divorce
Victoria Downing
Somatic Experiencing Practitioner at The Beautiful World WIthin
Angela Marshall
Struggle...Strength...to Your Purpose & Passion with Guest, Angela Marshall, Author of "Reality to Rags to Riches; The Story and Life of an Ex-NFL Wife"
Joshua A Lamothe
Joshua A Lamothe, Business Consultant - Define Your Value “Respect Your Boundaries”
Terry Jordan, Author
You Can't Build a House on a Bridge
Kim Von Berg
Relationship Coach
Thriving Loving Relationships
Ronnie Ryan
Dating & Love Coach - Is Your Love Mindset Crushing Your Chances For Love?
Victoria McCooey
Divorce Coach - Top 5 Things You Need To Know When Divorcing A Narcissist
Karen McMahon
Divorce Coach & Founder of Journey Beyond Divorce in 12 Step Divorce Recovery
Dr Christopher Salute
Bold Magazine
Respect Yourself
Host, Cece Shatz, Doyenne of Relationships
John McGrail
Clinical Hypnotherapy, Personal Empowerment Expert - A Better You!
Stephanie Greenberg
Divorce/Family Mediator
Nancy Mueller
Life Empowerment Coach for Women & Author
Laura Metheney
Senior Voc Rehab Counselor, Life coach
Julie Ferman
Personal Matchmaker
Nancy Solari
Certified Life & Business Coach, Founder of Living Full Out in Embrace Change in Learning to Trust Yourself
Meredith Shirey, MS, LMFT
Founder, Practice Director
Family & Relationship Counselor
Petalyn Albert, DD, CPPC
It Takes a Village to Heal and Grow
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