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WGSN-DB Elite Guest & Going Solo with Cece

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  • Petalyn Albert DD, CPCC
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Elite Guest & Going Solo with Cece

Elite Guest, Petalyn Albert DD, CPPC

It Takes a Village to Heal and Grow

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Enjoy the show!
Petalyn Albert

Guest, Petalyn Albert DD, CPCC, Heart Centered Life, Career & Divorce Strategy  chats with Going Solo with Cece Shatz about the need and connection of a Community...It Takes A Village to Heal and Grow!

NLP Advantage is the brain-child of Petalyn Albert who, altogether, holds seventeen certifications in the healing and bio-hacking fields. What she is most proud of, however, is the immediate, real time results her clients receive through her use of NLP, Flow Education, and Energy Dynamics when she works with leaders and entrepreneurs striving to be at the top of their field. She specializes in what she calls Adaptive Autonomy, which includes resiliency training and mindset re-patterning for performance driven men and women who want to enjoy their life while achieving the best of themselves.

Her clients range from top sales representatives and multi-million dollar real-estate developers, to athletes, research scientists, nurses, and attorneys. They come to her in all circumstances from divorce, to blocks in their physical training, to conditioning their mind for an important and challenging new project. Others are simply wanting to get on with what’s next in their life free of doubt and anxiety about how they will weather the change.

After having lived in numerous countries around the world, Petalyn now calls Half Moon Bay, CA home. She is a certified Practitioner in Neurolinguistic Programming (NLP), Time Dynamics, and Quantum Linguistics, a certified C.T.I. alumnus, a certified divorce coach, a certified HeartMath coach, and a graduate of Tony Robbins Mastery University. Her idea of fun and fulfillment is partnering one-on-one with private clients to discover and obliterate blocks to their immediate and ultimate goals, quickly, permanently, and with ease.

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