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Guest - Dr Kat Smith
Elite Guest, Dr Kat Smith,  Author

Dr Kat Smith is an Intimalogist (America's Intimacy Expert), Doctor of Human Sexuality and Certified Love Coach.  Formerly a co-host of a 4 year syndicated morning radio program with ABC Radio Networks, Inc.


Professional Speaker with focus as a sex therapist and intimacy expert is recovery from sexual trauma, abuse or domestic violence, improve intimate relationships, romance rejuvenation for couples and increasing individual perspective on lovability.


Dr Kat Smith, Author - Host, Cece Shatz
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 Books focus on helping couples and individuals expand their capacity to love and be loved as well as identify what is blocking the love from flowing into their lives (Love Disabilities). My latest book - ABCs of Intimacy helps readers understand the difference between sex and intimacy and how to build a strong foundation for their relationship and help them navigate through emotional, physical and mental challenges of love, sex and romance. ​