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Getting Started.Life
Co-Hosts, Doug Katz &
Marya Carey Pleasant 
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Tuesday @ 11:00 am PT/12 pm CT/1:00 pm ET
Getting Started.Life
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Getting Started.Life Show


“I don’t know where to start.”  We have all heard it and we have probably said it once or twice ourselves.  Getting started is a common barrier to trying new things, reinventing yourself, living life fully and even finding joy and fulfillment.  The reality is that all things have a starting point and a best way to begin. Whether this increases your likelihood of success or allows you  to determine that something is not for you is unknown, but you won’t know until you try. GETTING STARTED.LIFE is about taking that first step. It’s about jumping  into a new endeavor and the do’s and don’ts involved.  Our goal is to help everyone meet their full potential and to start doing.

Co Hosts, Doug Katz & Marya Carey Pleasantchat and share an array of need to know information about getting started in just about anything.  Join in for the FUN!  


 Doug & Marya will answer your questions (email them!). 


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Marya Carey Pleasant

Marya Carey Pleasant, CFP®

Chicago, IL

I get bored easily and I hate not knowing the answer to a question.. Many people are appalled at the number of tabs open on my computer – but my brain is the same way. 


I guess I am naturally curious and when I want to know about something – I am ALL IN. I speak great Google and can spend hours researching things that interest me. I’m definitely a planner, but can sometimes suffer from paralysis by analysis. I can get stuck in research mode before taking the first step, which is why I have chosen to share GETTINGSTARTED.LIFE and our expert guests with you. 


Maybe we don’t need to know every detail or scenario just to get started and try something new. Maybe we just need to map out the first steps and see what happens.

Who I am:


  • Certified Divorce Financial Analyst™

  • Indiana Supreme Court registered Mediator

  • Trained Elder and Family Law Mediator

  • Financial Educator

  • Business Owner and Entrepreneur

  • Novice Gardener

  • Sports fan of all teams Chicago

  • Outdoor enthusiast

  • Cancer survivor and thriver

  • Protector of a Type 1 Diabetes Warrior

  • Awesome wife and fully qualified to give relationship advice

  • Bonus Mom of three amazing young women and Grandma to FIVE spectacular kiddos

SplitReady Co-Founder and Divorce Advisor

O: 833.775.4873 Ext.2
C: 708.268.8886

Doug Katz.jpg

Doug Katz, MBA, CDLP, CCRS®

Trout Valley, IL

Some call me a renaissance man.  Others say that I have ADD.  Either way, I have done a lot of things.  From Aikido to playing the banjo and mouth harp to riding motorcycle to sport shooting, I am always interested in new hobbies and endeavors. 


Some stick and become part of my life.  Others become a good lesson in where not to spend my time and resources.  All of them started with a first step, which is why I have chosen to share GETTINGSTARTED.LIFE and our expert guests with you.  I hope that you enjoy our shows and find value and fulfillment from the information that we bring to you.

Who I am:

  • Graduate of the United States Military Academy at West Point (BA)

  • Graduate of Loyola University Chicago (MBS)

  • Certified Divorce Lending Professional

  • Trained mediator

  • Certified Credit Repair Specialist

  • Loan Officer with over 20 years of experience

  • Army Veteran

  • Business Owner

  • Nidan (2nd Degree Black Belt) in Aikido

  • Fitness buff

  • Household Handyman and grounds keeper

  • Sport shooter and handloader

  • Bladesmith and knife maker

  • Radio host and podcaster

  • Awesome husband but one in no way qualified to give relationship advice

  • Father of three great kids/young adults and three ill-behaved rescue dogs

SplitReady Co-Founder and Divorce Advisor
O: 833.SPLITRD Ext 1
C: 708.829.1336

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