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* Rebroadcast Shows are sometimes edited from the original airings.  They may not be listed in any particular order, schedule or time.

TUESDAY  Lineup...


  • 10:00 AM ET/Financial Wellness/Host, Hirsch Serman

  • 11:00 AM ET/Create YOUR Shift - 15 minutes or less/Host - Cece Shatz

  •   8:00 PM ET/Living On Purpose Ministries/Host, Davida Smith


THURSDAY Lineup...

  • 10:30 AM ET/Motivational Power/Host - Solomon Raju Vulamparti - International Host

  •   (Bi-Weekly Show)

  •   1:00 PM ET/Going Solo in Business/Business Showcase - Late Lunch Hour

  •   2:00 PM ET/Going Solo Author's Corner/Meet The Author

  •   4:00 PM ET/The Perfect Catch...Let's Talk/Hosts, Christine Baumgartner & Frank D.          Wreath

  •   7:00 PM ET/Going Solo with Cece Shatz/Host - Cece Shatz

  •   8:00 PM ET/Going Solo Veterans Corner/Host - Paul Holbert (Bi-Weekly Show)

  •   8:00 PM ET/Insight With Blue Feather/Host - Rev. Janet M. Reynolds (Bi-Weekly Show)

  •   9:00 PM ET/Boy-N-Girl Thing/Hosts - Kathy Lamb, Derick Bernard & (Bi-Weekly Show)

  •   9:00 PM ET/Chicks Passions/Hosts - Kathy Lamb & Cece Shatz (Bi-Weekly Show)
  • 10:00 PM ET/Health, Love & Life/Host - Arnie Fonseca, Jr
  • 11:00 PM ET/The Barber Shop Show/Host - Dr. Christopher Salute (Bi-Weekly Show)
  • 11:00 Pm ET/Think Twice/Host - Mr. Twice (Bi-Weekly Show)

All shows are then converted to audio format and played on WGSN-DB Going Solo Network 24/7 Live Streaming Radio

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