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Rosalind Sedacca

CLC is a Divorce & Parenting Coach,

The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce

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Amy Sherman

Dating & Relationship Coach, Therapist, Author

West Palm Beach, FL

Hosts -
Amy Sherman & Rosalind Sedacca



Rosalind Sedacca, recognized as "The Voice of Child-Centered Divorce" and "America's Dating In Mid-Life Mentor," coaches women and men through life challenges to achieve life transformation. Amy Sherman, Dating & Relationship Coach, Therapist and Author along with sister Rosalind, share  timely topics and guest experts to inspire, inform and enlighten listeners week after week! 

Difficult People - Amy Sherman
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 Difficult People

Host, Amy Sherman

Amy Sherman, LMHC talks about different ways to deal with difficult people.  Difficult people share common characteristics.  They are “know it alls”, arrogant, opinionated, condescending, angry, manipulative, abusive, combative, backstabbers and they are our ex-spouses, neighbors, relatives and even friends.  Learn the many ways to handle and interact with them and walk away with your integrity and self-esteem.

Karen Bigman - Rosalind Sedacca & Amy Sherman
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 Dating in the New World

Guest, Karen Bigman

The Divorcierge

Certified Divorce Coach

New York, NY

Karen Bigman, The Divorcierge helps women transition through the divorce process and to guide those individuals to seeing the opportunities in divorce and find ways to move forward with their lives. She works with her clients using action-oriented life coaching programs tailored to specific circumstances.

Selecting Your Ideal Partner This Time Around

Guest, Suzanne Muller-Heinz

 Loveablize You,
Dating & Love Life Coach
Golden, Colorado

Suzanne Muller-Heinz is the owner of Loveablize You and an International Dating & Love Life Coach. She’s the author of the book Loveable – 21 Practices for Being in a Loving  and  Fulfilling Relationship. 86% of her clients who have met during or after her coaching are still together and going strong. In 2016, she was named ONE of Denver's TOP Dating Coaches by Datified.

Suzanne Muller-Heinz - Rosalind Sedacca & Amy Fisher
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Most people have ‘picked’ the wrong partner before. I have. It takes a toll and wears on your heart. It also can leave you feeling wounded and wondering whether your “picker” is off. You may not even want to date at all or when you are out dating, you feel hesitant and worried. Your heart counts on you to select the right partner for you! Suzanne Muller-Heinz, International Dating & Love Life Coach, has a proven way to determine who will fulfill you for a lifetime and how to screen to ensure you experience a healthy, fulfilling and lasting relationship so your heart jumps for joy.

You feel heartbroken and disappointed when he doesn’t ask for a second or third date. If only you knew what went wrong and what mistakes you made so you could do better next time. If this sounds like you, stop worrying! Learn about mistakes you might be making without even realizing it in this insightful interview with Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan.

Guest Ronnie Ann Ryan...


For 15 years Dating Coach Ronnie Ann Ryan has helped successful women with a hot career -- but a chilly love life -- to find love. Her practical and proven methods help clients attract quality prospects and she has radically simplified understanding men to end confusion and frustration. The author of three books and one best seller, Ronnie’s been featured by ABC, NBC, and Fox News, BBC, NPR, Huffington Post, and eHarmony.

7 First Date Mistakes

Host, Rosalind Sedacca

Guest, Ronnie Ann Ryan

The Dating Coach for Women Over 40
Greater New York City Area

You have a great time with a guy, but you don’t hear from him again. You thought you had a great connection and you know he enjoyed himself too. How could this happen?


Ronnie Ann Ryan - Rosalind Sedacca & Amy Fisher
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