Christina Courting

Author, National Speaker and Dating Coach

Host of Singles Dating Academy
                Creating a New Love Blueprint

Christina Courting is an author, national speaker and dating coach. She is the founder of the Singles Dating Academy, creator of the newest breakthrough in dating, called CourtshipDating, and will soon be launching The CourtshipDating

Club. Christina also teaches Law of Attraction Matchmaking. She has been working with singles for over 35 years; doing research and study, hosting events and her own radio show, as well as teaching innovative new ideas to finding and keeping true love. She has a mature, refreshingly new outlook on dating for today.


Today’s Traditional Dating is Outdated! This means that your present ideas and beliefs on dating are also outdated. Which means if you keep doing what you are doing now you will continue to date according to the definition of insanity; Doing the same things over and over, yet expecting different results. It won’t happen!

You need a new mental blueprint on love, or a new Love Blueprint. If you want different results you must start dating differently.


This means you need:

  • New information to help you become successful

  • To see yourself, love and dating in a new and better way

  • To think, speak and act differently in order to create positive results

  • Create new skill sets to attract and keep your perfect partner


    These podcasts will show you the way! They will teach, encourage and inspire you until you have become a successful New You! So listen now to learn what is new in dating and what you don’t know yet. The information you will learn from the Singles Dating Academy will set you above your competition and help you find your true love faster and easier. Mark your calendar to listen each week. If you miss one, listen to the replay. Don’t miss any of these life and love changing podcasts. Listen Now!



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