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Get Healthy Starts With You!


Guest, Cheryl Blake

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach

Tampa, FL


Advantage Wellness Coaching
Guest, Cheryl Blake - Host, Cece Shatz
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JOIN...4 week group program is called TLS 21 Day Challenge.   It is geared to get people off of bad habits, and help them lose pounds over a 3 week time period, and many more inches and fat. 

Cheryl Blake,

Advantage Wellness Coaching,

Certified Health & Nutrition Coach,

Cheryl is a Certified Health Coach.  She decided to return to school to become a health coach after she herself lost almost 100 pounds and learned how to keep the weight off.  


Today, her passion is helping people lose weight, get off medication, and learn how to keep the weight off.  She believes that medication only treats the symptoms of illness and that the "real" medication is healthy food, and a healthy lifestyle.

Cheryl received her training at Integrative Nutrition in New York City.  Cheryl leads workshops on nutrition and offers individual and group health and nutrition coaching to men and women.  


Because of her passion to help others she has a product brokerage business called where her clients can purchase the most advanced nutrition supplements available on the market.

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