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Carol Pilkington, Transformational Spiri

Carol Pilkington

Enjoy the show!

Elite Guest,  Carol Pilkington

Transformational Spiritual Advisor, Astrologer & Author

Reseda, California 

Experience Energy & JOY living in the Present 

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As a Spiritual Mentor, Minister, Speaker and Amazon Best Selling Author Carol has over 25 years training in spirituality and grief awareness and recovery.

She assists those who are in transition and/or experiencing a loss of some kind such as career, divorce, health, or death of someone close.  It may be recent or something unresolved from the past.  A current passion is helping people with Anxiety and stress who are thinking of going on medication. 

Carol helps clients move through and beyond grief so they can be more present to the life they are currently living with more energy and joy.

Carol Pilkington

Transformational Spiritual Advisor and Astrologer

Reseda, California


Phone: 661-313-4578


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