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Past Boy-N-Girl Shows - Podcasts

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*  It's a GIRL Thing...
*  It's a BOY Thing...

Have you heard of He Said...She Said?  Well we are bringing back this fun and crazy format of the "Differences" of the Sexes in Dating!  Boy N Girl Thing features Hosts, Cece Shatz and "Kit" Christopher T. Smith.  

1st Show -

Embracing The Sexes in Dating

Online Dating Tips -  Let's Get Started with Online Dating - New at Online Dating, Having a Problem or Just Want to Know How...

Listeners Q & A - Online Dating

Guest, Eric Resnick Your Online Profile -

Let's Talk About YOUR Online Profile!

ProfileHelper has been one of, if not the top service provider for singles seeking assistance with online dating coaching and profile writing assistance. The company has helped over 5,000 singles and has been featured everywhere from CNN and the New York Times, to The Wall Street Journal and Inc. Magazine.

Intro to Show  - 

Guest, Bruce Starr

Online Dating Pet Peeves

 Our Going Solo Network!

9 Answers for the Online Dating Question Everyone Asks

Guest Jo Ann Simmons, Soulmate Coach

Red Light Green Light in Dating

Guest Marcia Engel -

Etiquette Tips of the Do's and Don'ts of Dating

Hot Topics of Conversation for Your Online Messages

2 Reasons Relationships Fail – Poor Communication & Power Struggle

5 Ways to Jump Start Dating with Kit Smith & Cece Shatz

Guest, Kerri Kannan Consciousness Alignment on Self Love to Attracting the Right 1

7 Dating Tips to Ignore If You Want Real Love

Guest, Marcey Walsh in The Secret to Low-Regret Dating

When It Comes To Dating, Do Age Differences Matter?

Online Dating Picture Advice

The Ugly Truth About Online Dating

Being Single & Live YOUR Best Life

Boy N Girl Thing with Lovely Fan and Guest, Sylvia

10 Things Confident People Do Differently in Dating and Relationships

Boy N Girl Thing Show & Going Solo with Cece with surprise Lobby Guest, Deidra Newman

Online Dating - Don't Give Up

WGSN-DB Boy-N-Girl Thing - Baby Boomers Online Dating

How Falling In Love Changes As You Get Older - Happy Birthday Cece!

2 Reasons Relationships Fail – Poor Communication & Power Struggle

8 Rules for Dating After a Long Term Relationship

Carolyn Bushong, L.P.C. in Top 10 Things Men & Women Knew... But Will Never Tell Them

Baby Boomer Online Dating

Guest, Amy Lyle, a comedy writer in Atlanta

8 Ways to Make Your Online Dating Work For You

Dating Chemistry with Kit Smith & Cece Shatz

Guest, Pamela Evans, Relationship Strategist & Author

Patricia Fuqua - Dating with Diamonds

Flirting, Compliments & Waiting For Sex 6 Rules for Dating After 50

ASK Kit & Cece - Be sure to send an email to Kit & Cece  with any questions and comments and confidently she will answer on one of her great shows.  Just click the button....
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