Angela Caine

Transformational  Life Coach

   Cheshire, UK

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Angela Caine - 
Manifest YOUR Ideal Life
Monday -  8 pm CST/9 pm EST
3 pm CST/ 4 pm EST/ 9 pm BST
9:30 pm CST/10:30  pm EST/ 3:30 am BST

Mary Tudor

Transformational  Life Coach

   Cheshire, UK

Angela Caine...

Angela Caine is a Transformational Coach, Mentor & Spiritual Teacher for single women in the Second half of life and the Author of the Amazon No 1 best seller From Fear to Fabulous.


For well over 20 years Angela has been a student of the mysteries of life, Universal laws, Metaphysics, spirituality and all different modalities concerned with human potential.  She is currently studying for a doctoral degree in Metaphysical Psychology and is a Certified Transformational Coach.

Angela empowers midlife women to move through their fears, reclaim their self worth and learn to dance with life again; to look forward to their later years with passion excitement and enthusiasm. 


She helps her clients Transform their lives by gaining an understanding of the manifestation process, healing their wounds and forming a strong connection to their inner self, a soul connection that is very  powerful which then  raises their vibrational frequency to allow them to attract the things they most desire in their life.

From Fear to Fabulous...


Fear stops us in our tracks; it paralyses us and causes our inner critic to go on a rampage. We actually believe the messages the voice in our head is telling us daily. 
From Fear to Fabulous will take you on an exciting journey of transformation, lead you back through your wounds to a place of wholeness and peace.

Mary Tudor...

Mary is a Quantum Success Transformational Life Coach who invites her clients to create a deeper connection with themselves and thus live more satisfying lives.  


Through meditations, channelled insights, practical processes and strategies, she has a reputation for opening doors and expanding horizons for those who wish to make significant shifts in their lives.  Mary's experience is that many people unconsciously lead lives that are limiting.  She invites people to open to more expansive ways of living; to live bigger and better lives; to live beyond their dreams.


Having worked for over 20 years with different healing modalities Mary now combines her intuitive experience with her skills as a life coach.  Training initially with the Christy Whitman Quantum Success Coaching Academy, Mary has more recently also qualified as a Quantum Success Creating Money Coach.  Through workshops and 1 to 1 sessions she now enables others to establish clarity and connection in their lives so that they might live their full potential.


Mary is a heroine rising, learning each day to walk her talk with more authenticity, to speak her truth with greater clarity, and thus to support others to live more enriched lives.


Get your Wheel of Life and start changing your life NOW.


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